On a
Rainy night
He fell asleep

And dreamt of
A castle floating
In a sky,
Bubblegum pink

The princess’s
Hair was vanilla
Ice cream

The world spun
Round and round

A magic record
In a Cosmic
Music Box

♪ ♪               ♪ ♪ 

A setting ruby sun
A misty dusk
A twinkling night of fun

So many cotton candy girls
And golden hearted boys
In circles, shine and twirl,
Like shooting stars of joy

He danced and pranced
A knight of stars, opaque
Of blue and hellebore

She rose and soared
A bubble translucent
Of pink and parakeet

He reached to her
She rose so high

He knew to touch
A dream would make
It dream, no more

Vanilla ice cream 
Now rainbow sherbet hair
Became a dance of fireworks
Across the painted air

They drifted in
 A galaxy of amethyst

The closer that he got
The further that she flew

She spun, unravelling worlds
And stringing time

2 pairs of eyes

And pulled into 
The endless waltz
Of fantasy 

A tear, a fear, a love, a dove
Fell from her eye

He knew but he
Had, he must, to live, to love,


She burst, the music box
Did spin no more

Milk, stars, bubblegum loves
And hopes tore his hand

Apart from hers, perpetua

A dream can never be

♪ ♪                         ♪ ♪ 

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      1. I’m glad that you liked its style. Many of the poems I haven’t released yet share stylistic similarities, in that they mix a more normal style with a more rhythmic style and prettier language. I release a new poem or story every Friday if you’re interested and subscribing is an easy way to get new updates


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