Vox Aeterna

Words They echo on Across Valkyrie skies Across Valhallan sunsets Across fields of arcadia Across prairies of thanatos Words  They echo on Across Babylonian Gates Across tales of Gilgamesh Across stars of Cosmopolis Across robotic tears Words  They echo on Across Germanic princesses Across dreaming castles Across Caesarean heroes Across Sistine Chapels Words They echo... Continue Reading →

The Way

The language of the benevolent  And the movement of the merciful Laws of Motion  Producing poetry  Raining down from  Forms so heavenly And the rain can Erode anything  Making streams  And rivers out of  States and cities  Yes, the rain  Can erode anything  What fish can  Swim against  The stream? What wave  Disobey the tide?... Continue Reading →

Antigone and Tragic Wisdom

Summary: Antigone tells the story of the daughters of Oedipus, Antigone and Ismene. After the fall of Oedipus, his son Eteocles becomes the king of Thebes. Polynieces, brother to Eteocles, wages war against Thebes and both the brothers die in battle. After their death, Creon assumes the role of king and decides that while Eteocles... Continue Reading →

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