Vox Aeterna


They echo on

Across Valkyrie skies
Across Valhallan sunsets
Across fields of arcadia
Across prairies of thanatos


They echo on

Across Babylonian Gates
Across tales of Gilgamesh
Across stars of Cosmopolis
Across robotic tears


They echo on

Across Germanic princesses
Across dreaming castles
Across Caesarean heroes
Across Sistine Chapels


They echo on

Host of tongue
Feeble of voice

Host of scripture
Needle of ink

Host of history
Steeple of Man

In the beginning
Was the Word

And the Word
Was God


You light
Sealed within
Our Cave


You God
Cast from Heaven
Unto Earth

Your cry
An ecstatic melody

Each tear
A syllable of poetry

Cunning Spirit

What apple
Seduced you
to our world?

In you I live
In me you shine

I am the light
I am the blue 
Of the day sky

The gift of Dasein’s curse
I am the True the Good
I am essence and soul
Existence rolls from me

I am the movement, pagan dance
My limbs do stretch and grow and twist
And turn in x-t-c they flow
   So true so free contort
   Contact across endless void
In dream in art in reverie

Lux orbis et lux mundi
Je suis les étoiles

I am reflection
The light that shines
On itself
In disgust

The mirror 
That sees
Its own emptiness

The void
Between the Self
That is Other

Love, hate,hope, despair... Beauty


And have some not heard
That God is dead?

Yet they all hear her reverie
And dance to her pavane

And have some not seen
The Invisible Hand?
Yet they all see the Red Queen
And be as pawns for her play

And have some not felt
The poverty of Being?

And yet for every man lives
A Sisyphus in his heart


They Echo on

Aeterno Silentio

♪♪          ♪♪

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