Her Fruits of Majesty

Your songs are like 
An angel's harp 

One thousand horns 
Blown by Israfel

Your dance is like 
A water drop 

Naiads on water lilies
Exalted by the daffodilies

Your bust be like 
Two moons 

Cosmic sculptors
Chiseled thee

And your eyes 
Shine divine 

Minerva's light 
With Athena's likeness

Casting shadows on your lips 
Which hold such earthly depth

Greece and Rome 
Wax and wane 

At their reign 
And at their wealth

Dost thou ever be 
Like Narcissus?

Caught in a bubble 
Of one's own reflection

In thine beauty 
And thou's graciousness?

Dost thou ever wish 
To swim in one's own 
Rivers of hair?

And embrace that endless black 
To which the night cannot compare?

If only the milky way 
And the starry sky 

With Venus and her 
Sibling planets 

Could match the gleam 
Of your eye 

Or the music
Of your play 

To your mountains 
I wish to be a tenet 

Like those gods who 
Lived upon Olympus 

Can't I be a single hair 
Upon those curves 
At which the angels stare?

Or a single tear 
Twinkling like sapphire
As it dwindles past your ear?

Just sharing in your beauty
To which there is no peer?

Glory to the Unseen
That said there’d be 
A bounty such as you

As to the Mysterious
Who painted the sky
Its luminous blue 

Blessed be the poet
Who bares witness
To the unfolding of the True 

You are the dialectic of history
Bearing fruits of majesty

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