Birth of Tragedy in Her Arms

Loss, vanishing, the death of all
That is one and whole in my life
Destruction, bliss, primordial envying
Life is like a kaleidoscope of phantasmagoric
Silhouettes, pretty girls dancing with
Devils and elves joined hands with
Sentient sunflowers, bliss, bliss

In the truest suffering, but how?
How can I win on a board
Played by mythic Jokers
Trading cosmic castration
For a satyr's joy?

A martyr’s ploy
Is to live but once,
But lives she does

Be her Cross man’s home?
And we, actors, 
Damned to Eternal Return?

The day of Resurrection 
Be our drama ultima
Where all appear as Hamlet
In his final scene
For denouement perpetua

Oh humor me, where is salvation?
Shall the poetry of Apollo wisp
Us from this cursed chorus of existence?
Iamb, trochee, spondee, let us bear
The suffering of the Word

String and key, Fatéa et Chaos,
All in one betwixt and forever changing forms
Wolves, virgins, entranced in seance
Apollo and Dionysus dancing until their
Feet bleed, and their legs break 
And their pectus aches and their eyes weep

Entangled in metaphysical intercourse
A double helix of lovers where all is staked
It has no rules, it has no winners
It is Play, unrestrained, sublime and beautiful,
Ghastly and séraphinic, oh this ball of gods
Valkyries rise and rise, take me to 
This devil’s heaven

Behold The Divine Tragedy:
Raping softly, singing roughly, dying
In orgasmic conceptions of all Life
Played in repeat, the record
Spinning in eternal recurrence,
Reassurance in dissolution, destruction-
Recreation, in demonic reconciliation

Pandemonium of release!

And I saw her eyes, I panted and at once
Returned to myself, the hermeneutic circle
Of the Oedipal and the Mother, Of the self
And its Other, the messianic muse of fantasie
Come to ravage the calf in poeic-ecstasy
Enticing me, Venus stealing Adonis

Oh pande--

Oh Be--

I see my soul playing above me and
It is still a child, but the child is gone, the
Love is lost, and there is no soul

And I see her eyes

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