I sat and looked into the wall
  Oh what did I conjure?
The wall was white and chipped and tall
  To where did I ponder?

I heard my mother’s frightened yelp
  Oh which sweet ode was sung?
The bang the scratch the yells for help
  For which noblesse harp strung?

“Do as I say.”
I heard her feet

“Stop hiding.”
Next she ran

“Listen to me.”
She yelled and fell

“No damned respect.”
She wept and screamed

She cried
And tried

Clawed and clung
Begged and plead

Bled with dread
Battered and used

The walls were white
And chipped

And I swore at father
I would never booze

Grip of Men
Touch of Angels

Luna et Sol
Dance in cosmic glory

Round and round
They twirl our hearts

Pull our tides
And sprout our seeds

Holding night fixed
Canvas of starlings

Ma chère
Little star

Fields of wheat
The thrones of Emperors

Know not of
Your golden hair

Heir of cosmic glories
Cherub of constellations

Harp of my heart you strung
Dream of my eye you wore

I held your hair it dripped honey
  It wisped away close pains
I saw your eyes their fae country
  they freed me from my chains

I bit your tongue of night’s stardust
  To scratch and claw the real
I forced inside my deathly lust
  To dream a scape Ideal

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