Body of The Goddess

I worship you

Every bone 
Every tendon 
And joint 

That grounds
Your structure 

And your 
Heavenly form 
That floats above 

The curve of
Your bosom 

Is the 
Of my existence 

My fountain in 
A desert land 

Your hair is 
Like a fine stroke 
Of calligraphy 

Flowing and black 
And most of all 

Like the Tigris river 
That birthed Sumer 
And all civilization 

Dancing that impossible 
Dance, twisting 
To the goings of the wind 

Flowing, with 
The tides
That govern man 

To teach us all
To dream a dream 
To be much more 
Than what we seem 

All held within
Your strands of hair
So fair 
those black and flowing strands 
Of hair who dance 
           Their song 
Along the goings of the wind

Their palace moves
Of eastern taste
A thousand lands
They lay to waste

A thousand lies
They bring to day

A thousand eyes
They make give chase

Flowing, with
The tides
That govern man

Dancing that impossible
Dance, twisting
To the goings of the wind 

And down the rivers
Of your hair
Stands your back

Firm against the
Crashing of the waves

Supporting that
Lighthouse of the soul

That lie 
Between your brow

Cosmic glories
Cherubic frenzies

Demonic ecstasies
And fiendish heights

Lie between
The crevices of
Your curves

The shadows
Of your soul...

Bewitching me,
As the moon
Entrances the wolf

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15 thoughts on “Body of The Goddess

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    1. Haha, I’m very flattered by your comment Ben! The description of the hair was the part of the poem I felt myself most absorbed in while writing, glad it came across well. Thanks for reading 🙂


  1. “The Body of the Goddess,” is beautiful to look at as you describe it. The galaxy has the streamers of her hair. From her, capriciousness rains on the mountain, and in the beginning a straight channel is carved in the rock, but like the fickleness of mortal beings, in the mere thousands of years, the river begins to meander and to wash like shampoo the passionate creatures into an ocean of turmoil trapped on a tiny planet beneath the endless stars, to wash sentient creatures with a need to look up for a meaning, for a lust with cravings for the bosom of the universe, for the streamers, and for immortality.

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