Heart of The Goddess

In your psyche
More wisdom be
Then the bust
Of Pallas

In your soul
More honesty
Than the prophets, 
In their Ivory Palace

And your heart,
The beauty that it holds
The realm in which
It reside

Be that cherub’s smile
In paradise

It’s rhythm, 
The ode to joy
That ushered in
The universe

That made
The kosmos

When I press
My ear against it
What sweet tunes
That it whispers

I am sure it be
The birthplace of culture
And humanity

To honor
A single note
From it’s melody

I give prayer to thee:

Your heart do pulse
With the beating of the world 
Releasing streams 
That turn into rivers 

And from those rivers
Were birthed civilizations 

The land of the black 
Arose from your Nile 

The mysteries of the orient 
From your huang he 

The Ramayana verses 
From your Ganges 

A thousand petals 

A thousand flowers 

To your beat
That shatters worlds

To your pulse
That shakes the lands

For the flora have never seen
One so noble as thee

For the stars have never dreamed
So precious a destiny

And if the morai
Those weavers of fate
Knew of your soul 

They would envy 
Your existence 
Formed by the higher Way

And if the sun
Blessed Apollo 
Did know of your smile 

Blinded be his eye 
By your light 
That makes the angels pray

Led to you by the Beauty of your face
I journeyed to that higher place!

Men shall forever envy me
Who could honor you
With prayer and poetry

Thou precious deity
I’ve kept you hidden
Allowing no others
Into our cult

I’ve kept you close to me
Beneath our veil of secrecy

And when I shall come to pass
And join you in eternity

The secret
Has been revealed

And all that walk, crawl 
And fly

The trees, the rivers
And the mountains

Do beg to give you prayer

They shall cry,

“Oh Goddess, Kiara
Mother of the beautiful!
Heart of the Kosmos

Acquaint us in your mysteries
Allow us in your rituals
We beg to share in those epiphanies

Grant us entrance 
Into thou womb
Which was the mortal’s
Eternal Tomb”

I come from an Eastern Land
Whose wealth you cannot dream
Buried beneath the passing
Of cultures and societies

Like an Island lost
Beneath the sea 

Yes, an Island lost
Beneath the sea

And only my poet
Dared deliver me

Yes only he

When I  arose
He protected me 

Hiding the moon
That rose from the East

Hiding her stars
That rose from the East

Beneath his veil
Of jealousy

From the vultures
That be all of thee

From the vultures…
That be all of thee

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