The Recollections

Old World's Yolk

The echoes of time 
Are heard 
Like wind blowing 
Through Sakura petals 

Whistle whistle 
Can a fragrance 
Be heard?

In the march 
Of history 
The footsteps 
Run silent 

Under the 
Boister of 
Drum and trumpet 

The fragrance is lost 
In the whistling 
Of the wind 

And yet
When dawn

The drumming ceases
The whistling clears 

Pure March
Le Mouvement

And the sound 
Of sweetness
All around 

The flower has 
Burst from the bud

The light has broke
Through the sky 

The babe has spoken
Its first word 

The becoming has become

The world is an egg
And Le Mouvement
Overcomes it 

Revealing the yolk



Amnesia is
The host of
Eternal Return 

Begin - become 
Forget - becoming
End - become - Begin 

Traverse the fantasy
Complete the circle
Of Lethe 

And learn that
All knowledge 
Is recollection

The Caliphate delivered 
Greece to Italy 
And the West was born

After a thousand years
Of forgetting 


Old Farmer

The boy with a sickle
Leaves for the city 

So that in his 
Elder days 

He will appreciate 
The countryside 


Homo Ultimus

History is a
Meditation on
The past times

And the people
Who were untimely 


The Academy

The soul
Swims in 
The sea of eternity 

Conversing with Plato 
And tomorrow's Philosopher,
At once 

Did some 
Call this place 

The Hall 
Of Immortals?


Lost Object

In the depths
Of hell

Le mystère


Old Cathedral

In the old cathedral
Women and children
Gave prayer to Maria 

In the old cathedral
Women and children
Awaited the bomb

In the old cathedral
A tower was built
To reach heaven

It stretched into space
And contacted
The Ancestor

In the old cathedral
They recollected 
Becoming one

Le Mouvement


The Light

Le Scripture

The light broke 
Over the world 

And the light 
Was the word

And the word
Was the light

And the word
Was Man

- 2,000,000,000 A.D.


People's Poetry 

Ceaseless discharge 
Of imagery 

Clouds the

Tune in
Le Mouvement 
And drop out 

The girl with 
Flowers in her hair 

Is going to Mecca 
To discover her 

The world shall
Be swept away 

In Hajj 

The people have 
Discovered le mystère

They dance

Pavane pour
 L'illumination de la lune:

1, 2, 3
Fire! Fire!

The sky is red, 
The sun is black 

The day has just begun 
The poetry has won!

The trumpet sings 
The drum has dance 

The day has just begun 
And yet the Night has won! 

The swaying branch is whistling lies 
That give a truth to March 
The steps are trembling out a song 
That gives the foot an arch

On top a lonely hill do sit
A mosque beneath the moon 
In distance full of sand and sweat
Does sleep a lonely dune

A thousand years of history 
Can be no more than memory 

The Night has won
The day is done

Dun da dun 
Dun dun dun!

A people's song unfolds in sand 
A people's poem is told by foot 
A thousand camels sweep the land 
A thousand psalms in Caliph's hand 
A million souls who will not bend
The wind is blowing ash and soot
A people's song unfolds in sand!
A people's poem is told by foot 

In silence march the desert land 
Within conspiracy we stand 

A crown of thorns adorns his head
He's held on cross for all to see
On top the tower be his bed 
A million march for one who's dead 
A people lacking home are led 
Nomad no longer shall they be
A crown of thorns adorns his head
He's held on cross for all to see!

A people scared are never free
So march into your tragedy

Immortal shall you be!

The flower girls 
Reached Mecca 

One by one they dropped
As the Kaaba 
Rose into the sky


Young Scientist

The Party
Sent the scientist 
To work the rice paddies 

One afternoon 

With a sickle 
In his hand 

And sweat 
On his brow 

He discovered 

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  1. Wow. I am intimidated by the length of this… in the sense that I think I would lose my train of thought if I tried to write anything like it. It’s so beautiful, and I can’t say I understood even most of it, but it leaves me feeling like there is some very deep meaning to it.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks for the read Ben! I wrote this one after a long break from writing. It was a behemoth to write and I did not expect it to become such a big project myself. The main theme is how the past relates to the future and how the old relates to the new, but each section offers something novel. Glad you took the time to read it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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