Her Night of Majesty

Beneath the veil of Kiara 
Lie one thousand mysteries 

The wonders of the earth 
And those sagely epiphanies

And her eyes are a miracle:
Virgins giving birth 
Psalms becoming lyrical

Does she hide beneath her veil
The Night of Majesty?

More holy than one thousand months 

A pair of crescent moons
In shape of rosy wreath 
Join to fight the light 
Of her starry teeth

Her Night of Majesty

Solitude from tragedy 

Surely it must be!

What other veil 
Adorns such poetry 
And hides such wealth beneath?

Makes the mountains dance 
And the seas recede?

Angels and Spirit descend

Makes the does prance
And the lions concede

At the permit of that holy glance!

And her nose ridge 
Be that holy bridge 
Uniting Night 
With miracle 

The glories 
That reign above 

And the grandeur
That rules below 

Joined in betrothal
So ethereal 

What is the Night of Majesty?

It be her cloths of caramel 
Woven smoothly 
Betwixt her earthly wonders 

Seventy thousand veils 
Of light and darkness

Hidden beneath her veil 
Like a kingdom 
Hiding beneath the sea 

Yes like a kingdom 
Beneath the sea 

Reflecting all 
You hoped for it to be 
Her Night within a Night
Delivered me to Mukashafa:

I am that I am!

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